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Yalçınlar has been producing aluminium composite panels since 2010 and has taken its place
among the most important players of its sector by acting with the motto “Continuous Investment, Continuous Development”.



Established in 2010 in Istanbul.

Yalçınlar Aluminium, which was established and founded in Istanbul in 2010 with the decision to leave the importer identity behind and continue its journey with its manufacturer identity with 20 years of sectoral experience, has continued to produce aluminium composites within its structure with its plastic granule production, aluminium coil coating and high capacity aluminum composite panel production facilities. In terms of sales figures and production capacity, it is one of Turkey's three largest aluminium composite panel manufacturers.

We Are the Facade of Modern Buildings.
Continuous Investment, Continuous Development!

Since its establishment, Yalçınlar Aluminium has created aluminium composite panel solutions tailored for people, organisations or projects through its Eurametal, Metalbond and Mgbond brands reaching far and wide from Angola to England, from Tajikistan to Germany, offering a wide range of colour and texture options with its continuous and stable investment and R & D studies and its ability to carry out all production processes of the product from plastic granules to aluminum coil coating within its structure.


First thin ACP production for the advertising sector.

Yalçınlar Aluminium established its first aluminium composite panel production line in 2010 and started its activities as the manufacturer with its Metalbond brand which provides solutions especially for the advertising sector. While all aluminium composite panel manufacturers were using thick aluminium and producing for the facade sector in those years, Yalçınlar became the first company to produce composite panels of thin aluminium intended for the advertising sector in Turkey and Metalbond has brand reached the status of preferred and demanded company in its sector in a short time.

The only company in Turkey that can coat aluminum under 0.21 mm.

In line with the demands from the sector, the second production line was put into service in 2012, increasing the capacity and enabling faster response to the customer requirements. In 2013, the third line started production and the production of thick aluminium composite panels for the facade sector was initiated with the Eurametal brand. At the same time, in 2012, the first exports were made to countries such as Germany, Greece and Turkmenistan and the foundations of the wide export network reaching 27 countries today were laid.

Entering the facade sector with the Eurametal brand.
Ability to produce its own granules after 2016.

Although pioneering products of its sector in terms of production capacity and quality were manufactured at its facilities in Turkey, in the year 2015, the decision to invest abroad was made in order to make more efficient use of the export and supplier network, to ensure stability in the product and to be able to take part and provide services in a wider framework within the European market. Within this scope, production of aluminium composite panels by means of the production line set up in Germany with the brand Mgbond was started by the end of 2015. In order to provide an integrated service to meet the global demand and circulation stemming from the new lines being continuously established and capacity increases, the foundations of the plastic granules facility were laid to produce the plastic granules used in the production of aluminium composite panels within its own structure and was put into service in 2016 in Silivri, İstanbul. In 2018, aluminum coating facilities were put into operation in order to become an integrated facility and finalise all the stages of the product in its own structure and to ensure right, high quality and fast product supply to the customer. With the aluminium coating facility commencing operation, Yalçınlar has become the only company capable of coating aluminium under 0.21 mm in Turkey. In 2018, the work on the installation of the second line in the facilities in Germany was started and it is planned to be put into operation in 2019. At the same time, in 2018 Yalçınlar moved to the new factory building in Silivri, which could provide more modern and more complicated services.

Our Milestones



Establishment of Yalçınlar Alüminyum and commissioning of the first line.


Entering the market with the Metalbond brand.


First export to Greece


Commissioning of the second production line


Commissioning of the third production line


Starting production with the Eurametal brand for the facade sector


Commissioning of Germany production line


Starting production in Germany for the European market with the Mgbond brand


Opening of plastic granule production facility in Değirmenköy, Istanbul


Creating a wide export network reaching 27 countries around the world


Putting the aluminum roller painting facility into operation


Moving to a modern factory building in Silivri, Istanbul


Creation of the Eurabond brand for Africa and new markets.


The start of the new line at the production facilities in Germany