Mission / Vision



We Are the Facade of Modern Buildings.

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Our main mission is to produce reliable and affordable products in aluminium composite panel industry, which is our domain in Turkey and in the world, and to help the development of our industry with high-quality services infrastructure.

In this sense, we see being a shareholder in the creation of more modern and aesthetic cities, which are suitable for the needs of the end-users, by means of following the innovations and being open to development our primary duty.




We direct the sector, We add value to life.


Our vision is to be a leading company that directs the sector in national and global markets by keeping customer and employee satisfaction at the forefront.

In this sense, our goal is to become one of the 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey in short term with our brands, working on projects most appropriate to the city and nature that add value to people's lives together with our suppliers, our dealers and our customers.

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Our current or potential customers are of top priority for us. We build our production and sales programs on this principle in order to create a loyal and satisfied customer portfolio and for a long-term, healthy communication. In this sense:


We provide reliable service with fast delivery.



We implement consistent quality management in our products and brands.



We offer products and services to meet the needs of our customers.


As Yalçınlar, with all our brands, we never compromise our company standards. In this sense, for the continuity of our customer relations:



We create an open and honest communication environment.



We act within the code of ethics and respond quickly to the demands.



We always fulfill the promises made in customer relations.